Our Next Generation

Will our children live in Hawaiʻi? We could be saying goodbye to Hawaiʻi’s last “local” generation. Those few who manage to stay will be renting from wealthy non-resident investors. They may be working multiple jobs just to cover food and rent. Democrats have broken promise after promise for 60 years. They have created this situation – and it’s time for all of us to fix it. We must elect leaders who will Stand for Our Next Generation.


Our Solution


  • Build a local housing market, and keep affordable housing affordable in perpetuity, taking a market-based approach to increase the supply of homes (such as increase the land available to build on) and reduce the baseline building cost of homes
  • Keep the promise of the century-long delayed Hawaiian Homes Act by removing the harmful obstacles imposed by the government
  • Protect our fresh water by fixing Red Hill and eliminating cesspools
  • Enact educational freedom; where the dollars follow the student, parents can parent their children, and enact school choice so that all keiki have access to a quality education