Our Economy & Local Business

Local businesses are forced to fend for themselves, with harmful regulatory burdens making iit near-to impossible to compete against non-local businesses. Meanwhile, our government squanders our resources and gives away our opportunities to big corporations who have no vested interest in the wellbeing of our community. We need leaders who will Stand For Our Economy and Local Businesses.


Our Solutions


  • Rein in endless red tape and the regulatory handcuffs that put harmful burdens on business
  • Support and incentivize locally owned businesses and tax foreign REITs
  • Grow the economy through Hawaiʻi’s resources, such as eco and cultural tourism, facilitate economic growth with the education of a workforce capable of thriving in an information-based free market economy, via a robust competitive educational system
  • End Hawaiʻi’s destructive income tax to keep paychecks in locals’ pockets by overhauling the excise tax