Why we need CHANGE

The 5 C’s

Checks and Balances

For over 60 years we have lacked transparency and accountability in Hawaii’s government. The consequences have been dire.


Absolute power, corrupts absolutely. Democrats schemed to accept bribes to benefit themselves and their political donors. 

Cost of Living

Families are leaving and can no longer afford to live in Hawaii. Small local businesses are forced to close due to government regulations and mandates. Our people are strapped with high fees and taxes.

Crime on the Rise

Our neighborhoods are unsafe and criminals today are more protected than law abiding citizens. 

Constitutional Rights

Government controls greatly affect our quality of life. Big government power over local families is pushed by Democrats in leadership.



It’s time to STAND FOR HAWAI’I!

Together, we must stand for…

Our Next Generation

Will our children live in Hawaiʻi? We could be saying goodbye to Hawaiʻi’s last “local” generation. Those few who manage to stay will be renting from wealthy non-resident investors. They may be working multiple jobs just to cover food and rent. Democrats have broken promise after promise for 60 years. They have created this situation – and it’s time for all of us to fix it. We must elect leaders who will Stand for Our Next Generation.

Our Families and Local Communities

Our local families don’t know how they are going to pay their bills, let alone provide for their kids’ future plan to buy a home in our impossible housing market. While crime threatens our communities and schools continue to fall short, we watch as our government lets our communities wither away. We need leaders who will Stand For Our Families and Local Communities.

Our Economy & Local Businesses

Local businesses are forced to fend for themselves, with harmful regulatory burdens making it near-to impossible to compete against non-local businesses. Meanwhile, our government squanders our resources and gives away our opportunities to big corporations who have no vested interest in the wellbeing of our community. We need leaders who will Stand For Our Economy and Local Businesses.

Lean & Accountable Government

Our government has never effectively or efficiently represented the interests of the community. Our elected leaders are deaf to the will of the people. Instead, they’ve wasted our resources and insulated themselves from accountability. We pay the consequences for their corruption every day. We need leaders who will Stand For Lean and Accountable Government.


You Deserve the Freedom to:

  • Provide for your family
  • Raise your children with values and aloha
  • Own your own home
  • Make your own health decisions
  • Run your own local, small business without burdensome regulations and costs
    What can YOU do this election?

    • VOTE!
    • Vote for candidates who respect your voice and address your concerns.
    • Vote for candidates that will tackle the challenges of Hawaii with effective solutions
    • Vote for candidates that believe government should represent the people
    • Vote Republican – STAND FOR HAWAII

    Take Action

    Let’s stand in unity, courage, and strength to make change.

    STEP 1

    Not registered to vote or recently changed your address?

    STEP 3

    Become a Member of the Hawaiʻi Republican Party.